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Please let us know if you cant attend by filling out the below form.

    Please Give a Charitable Gift:

    The reasons individuals make charitable donations to nonprofits can be as varied as the donors themselves. Some donate because they have a personal commitment to the cause – they may know a relative, friend, or employee who has been the survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault. They may give because of a more general desire to assist those in need who are less fortunate than themselves – to share the good fortune they have in life. Still others give not because they have great personal wealth, but because they have a compassionate heart and it feels good to help others.

    Whatever the reason for giving, most donors give to a charitable organization so they can “make a difference.” They want to feel they have done their part to change this world for the better. We are dedicated to helping survivors find hope. You can join us in reaching out to these individuals by making a contribution to our New York City based nonprofit to support our meaningful work. If you would like to donate to Reconstructing Hope please use the following information.